Francis Giacobetti has not only reinvented the nude, but the entire artistic process of taking images, both in video and photography. He was the main photographer of the famous monthly Lui, since its creation, not suffering any retouching and working under fourteen different pseudonyms. As much as we owe to this magazine to have brought on the Parisian scene the myth of the pinup, as much Giacobetti is recognized today for having brought a touch of elegance in the universe of the naked. And that’s by projecting imagination and desire into the genre photos, such as some of the best years of the Pirelli calendars and his portraiture of the world’s most famous artists, actors and models.

This self-taught artist’s unorthodox approach to technique, light and shadow has earned him covers in multiple images and formats, and has elevated Giacobetti’s name to the pantheon of photography greats. Famous for their borderline aspect of photography and painting, between craft and art, Francis Giacobetti’s series (Zebras, Iris, Hymn, his portraits of Bacon) as well as his processes have baffled the masters of art and, according to most, express the full beauty of the human body.